A connected business is a better business

When voice and video communication is the backbone of your business, lightening-speed solutions are the only option. Cisco SD-WAN powered by Meraki allows organizations to significantly reduce their total WAN costs whilst satisfying the increased bandwidth demands of today’s modern branch sites.

Reliability and redundancy is provided through multiple uplinks with load balancing capabilities, intelligent path control, and automatic failover. For us, SD-WAN is not just hype. We’ve mastered it and we’re ready for the future.


We hold 12 in-house CCIE certifications across all our manufacturers, which means you can rely on our deployment proficiency.

Deploy faster, better intelligence to automate network via Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).


Equinix Next Gen 2.0

As Equinix rapidly expands its data center footprint, it needs to bring each new site into its IT infrastructure by migrating from the existing wireless and wired infrastructure to a standardized “stack”. Due to CVE’s strong performance last year at US based locations, the client requested that CVE conduct the upgrades of its Australian locations in 2018.

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