• Client EQUINIX
  • industry COMMERCIAL

Project Overview

As Equinix, the world’s largest IBX data center & colocation provider, rapidly expands its data center footprint, it needs to bring each new site into its IT infrastructure by migrating from the existing wireless and wired infrastructure to a standardized “stack”. Due to CVE’s strong performance last year at US based locations, the client requested that CVE Technologies Group conduct the upgrades of its Australian locations in 2018. The work requires both detailed physical cabling design and network engineering expertise. The project tasks progress from site surveys to physical design, network design, equipment sourcing, equipment configuration, shipping, installation, cabling, and migration, utilizing CVE Tech onsite technicians and engineers.

The scope of the project has expanded as the client added new sites (from a recent $1B acquisition) and also requested that CVE Tech provide the network equipment (previously sourced by another vendor). CVE is utilizing an international company to provide local resources for installation work, overseen by those CVE Design and Network Engineers who have extensive experience with the client’s network and objectives. Our performance thus far in the project has led to opportunities to bid additional international work in Australia and several other countries.