CVE Technologies offers far more than just field expertise. Our facilities provide clients with comprehensive service and a single point of control for their critical projects.

  • Staging: Our 3,000 sq ft staging facility has significant AC and DC power feeds that can stage even the most power hungry equipment. We can accommodate over 80 fixed/mobile equipment racks simultaneously with extra space for clients to work alongside their equipment.
  • Warehousing: Our 6,000 sq ft warehousing facility offers an additional 24,000 sq ft of vertical space. Our warehouse is climate-controlled and secured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide detailed inventory tracking and reporting to meet any of your needs.
  • Training: We have access to a sophisticated BICSI and RCDD training facility in Salt Lake City. We can train up to 30 people simultaneously with a functional cabling lab environment for a hands-on experience.

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